Still any doubts?

1 - May the projectile jam inside the tube?

The projectile may jam inside the tube in the following cases:
- You do not have a sufficient amount of air to propel the projectile along the length of the tube.
- The projectile meets an obstruction within which it is not able to compress and pass. In this case it is sufficient to shot only air from the opposite side of the pipe to leak it out from where it entered.
- The projectile meets an excessive amount of dirt and sediment that opposes too much resistance so becoming a “cap”. In situations where you suspect this possibility or in which you do not know what kind of dirt is contained within the pipe, you should proceed with caution by shooting a projectile initially soft, slightly larger than the diameter of the tube, to gradually remove the sediment.

2 - Can I clean a clogged pipe?

No, the pipe should not be completely blocked. There must be at least a minimum passage of air to propel the projectile along the tube.

3 - Can I clean pipes with blends, fittings and welding?

Yes, the projectile was specially built to survive to pipelines full of curves, even of 90°, coils, fitting or welding (in the latter case, the projectile also will clean the residue from the welding).

4 - Can I clean T and Y shaped deviations?

Yes, but you must choose to shot the projectile from the right side: It's always necessary to force the projectile to travel on one way, closing one of the two branches to make it turning to the other and vice versa.

In the T shaped deviations always shoot "downwards", while in the Y shaped deviations, always "upwards.

5 - Can I clean branching pipes?

Yes, it is possible as long as you know exactly the shape of the pipe. The projectile is not intelligent and cannot choose the direction to take. We must address it in the correct direction, closing the branches where we do not want it to go. The projectile must travel in a pipe that has always only one inlet and only one outlet.

6 - Can the projectile damage the internal side of the pipe?

The Superhard, Complex and Food&Flex projectiles can’t damage the internal wall of the pipe.
The ABR projectile may leave some slight signs of surface abrasion to non metallic tubes.

7 - Is there a maximum length that the projectile can travel?

No, the projectile can travel a potentially infinite length. It depends only on the amount of air available to constantly push the projectile along the entire length of tube that can be even several kilometres long.

8 - Can the projectile travel through the valves?

Yes, if the valve, when open, lets the tube completely cleared, as in the case of the ball valve.
No, if the valve, when open, doesn’t let the tube completely cleared, as in the case of the butterfly valve.

9 - What is the pressure required to operate the system?

To properly operate, it's sufficient to have a pressure of 6-8 bar, as provided by most common commercial air compressors. More important is the amount of air-flow available, not the pressure itself. We recommend a hose with min. 8-10mm I.D. to be connected to the pistol and, for tubes with I.D. bigger than 30mm, a 13mm I.D. air hose.

10 - May the projectile break?

The projectile may break only in rare cases, particularly in cases where inside the tube there are projections, sharp burr or defect that could break it. In this case, however, the projectile sends back important information on the state of the pipe.

11 - Can I use chemicals?

Yes, the projectile may be soaked in a chemical product (detergent, disinfectant, degreaser, lubricant, etc.) to increase its cleaning power or to use it as a tool for treating the inside of the tube. It’s sufficient to soak the projectile into the product and shoot it without having to fill the whole pipeline. Make sure that the product is compatible with the projectile and that it does not weaken its structure. If the product is not compatible, the projectile may swell or weaken and also breaks.

12 - May the system be supplied only with compressed air?

No, the system can be used with compressed air or other inert gases such as Nitrogen or CO2.
Under no circumstances should it be used with unstable or dangerous gas, such as oxygen or methane, etc!

13 - Can I use it only on smooth and round pipes?

No, the projectile fits to the internal shape of the pipe and can be used on oval and square section tubes with the inside lined, etc...

14 - May the projectile be reused several times?

Yes, depending on the state in which the projectile is after the first shot, it can be reused more times. The projectile, especially if large, can also be washed and washed again and thus be reused. The important thing is that its structure and shape are intact.