A simple and intuitive method

ALKA Pro-Clean is a tube cleaning solution which operates by shooting a special projectile with a jet of compressed air. This system can be applied to tubes measuring an internal diameter from 2mm up to a few hundreds, and lengths of 10, 100 or even 1000m (depending on the air capacity) and can also be applied in the presence of 90° curves, “T” or "Y" couplings or ball valves.

1. Nozzle choice

After connecting the pistol to a source of compressed air, open the front ring and select the nozzle according to the diameter of the pipe to be cleaned. Insert the nozzle into the slot.

2. Projectile choice

Select the appropriate projectile according to the diameter of the tube and the type of cleaning you need to perform. Insert the projectile inside the nozzle and close the front ring.

3. Shooting

Push the nozzle towards the end of the tube. Pull the trigger and hold it until the projectile comes off at the other end, where the projectile and removed impurities can be collected into a container.

An example of a cleaning performed on a steel tube in order to remove metal processing residues.

Projectile after shooting