A solution for any need

ALKA Pro-Clean "AD-32"

Primarly designed for small and medium requirements, even occasional, it is an entry level solution that allows, with minimal investment, to perform checks and cleaning with maximum efficiency, using the same projectiles of the other solutions.
From 2 up to 35 mm (I.D.) - Operating pressure: max 6 Bar

ALKA Pro-Clean "AD-50"

A superior pistol able to meet cleaning requirements also for larger diameters.
With improved functional details it is also suitable for production needs, so to have a product capable of coping with any need.
From 2 up to 60*mm (I.D.) - Operating pressure: max 8 Bar

* 60mm refers to the maximum cleanable diameter using directly the larger nozzle that can be housed into the pistol.
Bigger diameters (up to about 80-90mm) can be cleaned using the technique illustrated in the video n.6 visible by clicking here.
Even bigger diameters can be cleaned without the use of the pistol, plugging directly the air, as shown at this page.