This is a “universal” projectile of medium density, with a highly porous surface that can remove a vast range of contaminations. Ideal for tubes in oil pressure systems, air conditioners and other situations in which it is necessary to remove dusts, shavings or other production residue stuck to the internal walls of the tubes. Ideal to be used together with chemical products with which these projectiles can be soaked in because of their high absorbent properties or, for the same reason, for using to dry and remove liquid or humid residue. Suitable for use on tubes with narrowing diameter (even up to about 40% of the projectile’s diameter), T couplings, 90° elbows, etc...


The characteristics of this projectile are similar to those of the Complex projectile, but it has a greater density and hardness that make it ideal for the most difficult use like the removal of welding residue and some types of scaling. Less suitable for tubes with narrowing diameter, it can be compressed up to about 20%. It can also be used with Tee junction or 90° elbows, but beyond a certain diameter (which depends proportionately on the thrust of the available air capacity) the passage can be difficult and therefore becomes no longer indicated.

Food & Flex

This is a projectile which is also characterized by a highly porous surface, but also by a softer mix compared to Complex projectile. It does not exercise much lateral force against the internal walls of the tube; usable preferably for removing less demanding residue, such as fluids, dusts or simply left over particles, especially where there are diameter reductions (even up to 50% of the projectile diameter). Suitable for T couplings and 90° elbows, etc...


Projectiles with head topped with abrasive material. Designed for removing tough deposits for which the non-abrasive surface of Complex, Superhard and Food&Flex projectiles are ineffective. It can be compressed up to 15% and can be used even where there are T couplings and 90° elbows, but has the same limitations as the Superhard projectile.