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1- Pipe cleaning for Air Conditioning split

This video shows the procedure for cleaning the split piping for the installation of a domestic air conditioning system.
Cleaning theese pipings with ALKA Pro-Clean projectiles allows you to remove production and processing residues (soot, cutting chips, etc ...) which are a danger to the reliability of the machines, in a few seconds. By soaking the projectiles with a detergent it is possible to clean the copper pipes even more deeply, especially in the event that it is necessary to convert old lines that used different refrigerant gases.
The use of our technology allows you not to have to blow in large quantities of nitrogen for cleaning, saving at least 50% and obtaining a better result.

2- Air Conditioning 55 mm piping cleaning

A demonstration of how you can clean a copper pipe 60 meters long with a diameter of 55 mm. This is a remote chiller connection between an evaporator and a condenser.
The pipeline consists of curves and "goose neck" and starts from the roof and crossing 7 floors, it ends up into the underground garage. It's very important to remove the welding residues and the other dirt from the new tube and in the movie we see what we removed black powder, welding residues, metallic particles, etc from the new and welded tube.

3- Floor heating pipe cleaning

In a floor heating system, depending on the type, several kinds of deposits (such as algae or sludge) can accumulate over the years, causing lowering of the heating performance, causing the water temperature to increase in order to obtain the same heating effect.In some cases, if the problems are localized, there may even be some areas where the generated heat is insufficient.
It is possible to check if the problem is due to the pipe cleaning in a simple and quick way, as shown in this video:
1- Each coil is disconnected from the manifold; first, only air is blown in order to drain the inside water.
2- A first projectile is then fired to expel the residual water and a first part of the deposit; the operation is repeated with other projectiles until the deposit is completely removed.
This type of operation, repeated on 8-10 rooms, can be completed within 2/3h.

4- Liquid Oxygene Pipeline cleaning 105m

Example of a new line cleaning for the distribution of liquid oxygen. In this case, the projectiles have been driven by the pressure supplied by a nitrogen cylinder. As you can see, the remnants of welding and other contaminants have been removed. Then, we fired some projectiles soaked in liquid degreaser and then dried ones to remove the residual product. Nitrogen has further helped to dry the interior of the pipe.

5- Laser cut Oxygen and Nitrogen pipe cleaning

In this cleaning operation of a nitrogen and oxygen piping for laser cutting purpose, it was necessary to remove all contamination and processing residues that could damage and obstruct the machines. Due to the shape of the piping, with progressive diameter shrinkage, it was necessary to use the Food & Flex projectile, which is more adaptable in these situations. In fact, the line started from an internal diameter of 30mm, narrowing to 19 and ending at 15mm.
In the video you can also see a temporary solution adopted for the insertion of liquid detergent inside the vertical drops, connecting a U fitting, to pour the liquid and then shoot the projectile, choosing to use direct compressed air, via quick connection, due to the long length of the line (115m).

6- Welded Copper (T-Piece) - Cleaning after Nitrogen Welding

A demonstration of how much soot and dirt is created during the welding of two copper pipes, previously cleaned.

Note the possibility of cleaning the "T"-shaped intersection, just close one of the two ways to get the projectile come out from the other one.

7- Cleaning and degreasing tubes I.D. 154mm

This video shows the cleaning of a section of pipe for refrigerant gas supplying the turbine of the air conditioning system carried out by our partner System Fluid s.r.l.
The welded and flanged tube with internal diameter of 154 mm is cleaned after its manufacture, but prior to assembly; this makes the cleaning operation more comfortable. In this case, there was a need not only to remove waste materials, but also proceeding with the degreasing of the tube. That’s why the bullet was moistened with a degreasing agent then shot several times. Finally, another dry bullet was fired to absorb any residue. The operation of shooting was performed, due to the big diameter, without the aid of the pistol, but by blowing nitrogen through a flange directly connected... at a pressure of about 8-10 bar.

8- 240m methane piping drying

This video shows an operation carried out on the pipelines for the transport of methane containing a considerable amount of water and condensation. A total length of 240m and two diameter variations that necessitated the use of a projectile able to adapt, but equally effective, both on an internal diameter of 20, 27 and 30mm.
As you can see, it was necessary to make more shots to remove each time a certain amount of water, but due to the speed of the operation (less than 20 sec. to perform the entire trip), in a few minutes it was possible to reach the desired result.

9- Chimney Cleaning

This video shows how you can clean a chimney with a projectile of an appropriate size and a nitrogen cylinder. The test, carried out on a chimney mounted ad hoc for the demonstration to the public organized by the ARBO plumbing and heating material dealer, was performed in a short time by entering the appropriate diameter of the projectile at one end of the pipe, then connected to a flange that assures the seal.
For pushing the projectile, you can use the normal compressed air or, as in this case, a small nitrogen gas cylinder connected directly to the flange. After opening the valve, the projectile takes a few seconds to cross the entire pipe.