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1- Powder milk 130mm I.D. pipe cleaning

This movie shows the cleaning of a piping (about 90m long and with an internal diameter of 130mm) that connects the external tank of the powder-milk with the dispensing machines inside the facility. The problem was the fouling of the powder-milk on the inner walls of the pipes and especially on bends. The projectile, in addition to removing the residue of the product, has already removed most fouling at the first shot. In this case, the projectile was fired by means of a flange connected directly to the pipe to have the best air flow possible, which allowed the projectile to travel the entire pipeline in just 5 seconds. As you can see, the projectile passed through the ball valves, "Y"- shaped items, bends of 90°, etc...

2- Barolo wine piping product recovery

In this movie we see a product recovery and the cleaning of a transfer pipe 200m long within a cellar of wine production. Normally, the pipe is emptied and washed with water and this involves the waste of an enormous amount of product (Barolo wine in this case) that, because of its dilution, cannot be totally recovered. Our projectile was inserted at the beginning of the pipe and pushed with the same water that was already used for washing. The projectile passed along the line and pushed all the wine remaining from the pipe to the silos, allowing to recover about 600 liters of product which normally was largely wasted. The arrival of the projectile to the throttle valve marked the depletion of the line and when the projectile came, the Operator closed the inlet valve of the silos letting the water flowing out from an outlet. You can see that, in a few seconds, the water passes from its red to its neutral colour, so showing how the waste of product was limited.

3- Food Piping Cleaning

In this example, we see the cleaning of a dosage line (50 m) for canned meat. A first projectile was shot in the pipe, which had already been cleaned with a regular water washing. However, inside the pipe, there was still a significant amount of organic deposit that was carried out thanks to the mechanic intervention of the projectile, by reducing or eliminating the bacteria charge.

4- Cleaning of pipings wine and juices

A demonstration of how simple it is to use ALKA projectiles for cleaning and sanitizing food transport pipes. The projectile, pushed by the water already used for normal operations of washing, is used alone or as a means of propulsion for the sanitizing detergent, thus combining the action of the of the liquid product with the mechanical strength of the projectile, resulting in a removal of residues that is even more effective. The constant pressure of the water allows having no load losses and also adjusting the speed of the projectile, by varying the opening of the valve that regulates the flow rate. Thus, it is very simple to control the passage of the projectile inside the pipes. The second part of the video shows a test in which the projectile was fired in a stainless steel piping with section of about 100mm, placed at a height, for drinking water, long not less than a hundred meters. This is a demonstration of how the system can also be used in the presence of extensive piping, and not only on singular hose sections.

5- Foundation dosage hose cleaning

A cleaning test of a hose for transporting cosmetic products, specifically for the foundation. The new and clean hose has been specially contaminated with some foundation. The product, which has a greasy consistency, is difficult to remove. The combined action between our projectiles used dry and soaked in a special detergent, allows in a few steps to remove all the deposit.
The use of our technology saves considerable amounts of detergent and prevents contamination between two products of different types, when the dosage of the first ends and the dosage of the second begins.