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1- Stainless Steel tube cleaning and (in case you need to) degreasing

A demonstration of how simple it is to perfectly clean tubes intended for hydraulic use, where the tolerated internal contamination level is extremely low.
In the second part of the video it is shown how, more generally, it is also possible to internally degrease the tube by combining the mechanical action of the projectile with the chemistry by soaking the projectile in a suitable liquid.
If needed, instead of degreasing, it is possible to wet the projectile with hydraulic oil to lubricate the inside of the pipe.

2- Hydraulics hose cleaning guide

A video-guide that shows the ideal procedure to check and clean hydraulics hoses.
The first thing to do is to check the quality of the coil, a shot in the tens or even hundreds of meters of a new roll requires a few seconds and allows to verify whether the inner rubber wall of the hose is well vulcanized or if it tends to lose particles continuously. Done this, the danger of contamination comes from the cutting stage, where particles of different sizes are generated, which is important to remove before moving on to crimping. The hoses can be cleaned even if they have been already crimped, but when there is the possibility, we recommend to perform this operation before mounting the fittings.

3- Hydraulic piping with PYPLOK fittings tube cleaning

The PYPLOK weldless fitting solution (distributed in Italy by Hexafluid s.r.l.), shown in this video, shows how the combination with the ALKA Pro-Clean system is ideal to obtain the best possible cleaning results from processing residues.

The fact that no wastes are created with the welding operation allows the projectiles to carry out the removal of the residues of the cutting and dust with great efficiency, obtaining in a short time a pipeline suitable for use in the most demanding fields.

4- Hydraulic revamping of a rolling mill

The hydraulic revamping operation at Eredi Gnutti S.p.A., carried out by System Fluid s.r.l., provided for the complete replacement of the hydraulic piping of a Mino LQ65 mill for copper, brass and bronze. Gusmeri Automazione, Authorized Distributor Bosch Rexroth, provided a new low pressure power unit and new valve banks, as well as being involved in the revamping of the high pressure power unit.
The new lines are made with a WalformPlus system to avoid excessive waste production resulting from the welding process and to minimize the presence of machining residues inside the circuit. The traditional oil flushing has been replaced entirely by a mechanical cleaning carried out using the ALKA Pro-Clean system, with which all the residual particles and contaminations were removed in a few hours, while connecting the pipes, thus guaranteeing an immediate start-up without any issue.

5- Hydraulic piping 130mm cleaning

An example of cleaning a series of 130mm flanged pipes for hydraulic use.
The interconnection of the individual segments does not affect the ability of the projectile to travel the entire line.
The operation allows the removal of metal chips, various processing residues and extremely dangerous welding residues.

6- Hydraulic cylinder cleaning and degreasing

A demonstration of how you can clean and degrease the pipes for hydraulic cylinders. A simple, effective and faster way than the manual cleaning with the ramrod.
With the ramrod the cylinder takes several minutes and the level of cleanliness depends on the skill of the Operator, but you can never reach the level of cleanliness achieved manually with our projectiles that always guarantee an optimal outcome. To clean a cylinder you need only a few seconds, with the great advantage of significant cost savings in manpower. It's important to wet the projectile with the suitable liquid degreaser! In this case, you see a pipe having an internal diameter of 80 mm, but also larger diameters, i.e. 150 mm, can be cleaned.

7- Piping cleaning of an Hydraulic Power unit

A demonstration of how you can clean the hydraulic pipes supplying a power hydraulic unit belonging to a new plant. In this case, there were approx. 20 shaped, welded and connected tubes of different diameters, with an approx. length of 30 meters each.
A simple, efficient, fast and very low cost cleaning alternative compared to oil flushing which would require many hours of work.
With our system you can eliminated hazardous waste particles that remain attached to the inner wall of the piping, but could detach after days or months of oil flushing during ordinary work.