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1- Automotive motor oil piping cleaning

This video shows an operation of internal cleaning, performed by System Fluid s.r.l., of a new piping for the distribution of engine oil inside the plant of a leading car manufacturer. The need was to remove any manufacturing residue that could contaminate the oil and end up accidentally downstream of the filters and therefore the engine. The cleaning operation has provided for the repeated firing of different Complex projectiles that, thanks to their flexibility and surface porosity, can handle without problems the most tortuous paths and width diameter narrowing in the presence of welds by effectively removing particles of differing sizes.
The projectiles were gradually analyzed to measure the amount of residue removed up to determine the time at which the operation had reached the desired result, according to the specification indicated by the customer. In this case, the maximum limit was in 1mg\linear meter of particulate. In all sections there have been reported results below this limit. At the conclusion of the work, it was still performed a final flushing with oil in turbulent flow; this oil, taken at the end of the line, was analyzed, confirming the results already achieved by ALKA projectiles.

2- Cleaning an hydraulic tube for automotive

In this movie you can see a cleaning demnstration of an hydraulic tube to be processed then for use in the automotive sector.

The particles visible in the video, as well as other processing residues, often are not ejected by a simple washing and remain attached to the wall of the pipe during all the processing phases and eventually still remaining in the finished product, which will then be mounted. The following detachment of these particles can put at great risk the reliability of the components installed on the same system.

3- Ship building Fuel Line cleaning

In this video you can see how easily it was possible to clean the supply lines carrying the oil from the tank to the engine of the ship. The pipelines have an internal diameter of 80 mm and a length of about 100 m from the very rough and shaped route with curves of 90° and various segments welded together. After the laying of this pipeline, it’s important to clean the inside to remove the residues of welding. Before using the system Compri Tube Clean, the solution was to let circulate gas oil within the pipe for 30 days, so that its action removed the maximum quantity of residues. With Compri Tube Clean system there were sufficient a couple of hours of work and the use of 9 projectiles that gradually removed the welding residues to return a satisfactory result.
From the analysis performed in the laboratory, there was showed that the cleaning performed with Compri Tube Clean system returned a better result than the traditional flushing with gas oil and allowed saving time and really huge amounts of product.